Derthor Photografix

My name is Thorsten Wiepcke alias Derthor and I work full-time as a technical draftman in a construction office.

My first photographic attempts I made at the age of 10 years.The resulting images were shot but more bad than good.At the age of 15 years I went to a custom car meeting near my home town for the first time.There I got contact with the Custom Car and Hot Rod Scene and was "infected".

Short and sweet ..... since then I get up to Hot Rods, Customs, Ol´Skool and all the other lifestyle of the scene, well, and by buying a digital SLR camera I try to capture it all photografically my way.

IMCherry van Rock on your loval rumblers

IMCherry van Rock on Flickr.

support your loval rumblers

IMGP9674-2-1024 on Flickr.blown
Throttlers BBQ Burbank 2012

IMGP9674-2-1024 on Flickr.

Throttlers BBQ Burbank 2012

IMGP0262259 on Flickr.Beetle Woodie

IMGP0262259 on Flickr.

Beetle Woodie

NewJack Tattoo on Flickr.New Jack tattoo

NewJack Tattoo on Flickr.

New Jack tattoo

IMGP3896-2 on Flickr.old times

IMGP3896-2 on Flickr.

old times

IMGP1979 on Flickr.El Camino @ night

IMGP1979 on Flickr.

El Camino @ night

IMGP1462-2 on Flickr.Christine

IMGP1462-2 on Flickr.


IMGP1500 on Flickr.California 1956

IMGP1500 on Flickr.

California 1956

IMGP3029 on Brizio´s workshop Oct. 2010 

IMGP3029 on Flickr.

at Brizio´s workshop Oct. 2010 

IMGP1220-5 on Flickr.V8 in black and white

IMGP1220-5 on Flickr.

V8 in black and white